Our heritage

GeminiSense is an unparalleled world-class leader in event-driven, time-critical incident management software; the coming-together of Bold Communications (alarm communications and management systems for the alarm central station and ARC market for over 30 years) and Innovative Business Solutions (Incident Management, Physical Security Information Management [PSIM] and Task and Resource Management for over 40 years).

Global best practice

We are part of the Valsoft Corporation, which gives us access to a global ecosystem of developers and industry subject-matter in more than 50 specialist companies within the group. We help each other to innovate faster and constantly embrace market and technology evolution; delivering best practice at a global level.

Our mission

To provide smarter, event-driven, monitoring software to help organisations deliver greater agility, and empower intelligent risk management.

We never stand still; always curious, in touch with customers’ evolving needs, and always evaluating our powers of innovation to deliver richer value to their monitoring operations.


Our values

We bring together exceptionally broad experience of working with some of the most exacting customer scenarios in the world— from airports, police forces and firefighting teams in the Nordics, to FTSE 100 companies, to ARCs. Our solutions are informed and inspired by Best Practice across six European countries.

We continuously improve our solutions, expand their capabilities and support every customer requirement in every field.

Being responsible

GeminiSense is not of that family of solutions that just speed up workflows or make procedures and processes a bit more streamlined. It serves real-time critical functionality for support of frontline operations and on-the-spot transmission systems.

Ensuring value

We want our customers to realise operational value from our solutions. Our strong foundation is evidenced by supporting more UK alarm and CCTV monitoring control rooms than any other provider.

Taking ownership

Our team is attentive and responsive. We listen to your concerns and develop ways of addressing them, no matter how unique the concerns may be. Our team are all knowledgeable to a high level and take ownership of the challenges.



The most widely used alarm and CCTV monitoring software in the UK

GeminiSense is in use in specialist monitoring and control centres, within enterprise environments for facilities management, and within the public sector by local councils, the NHS, and emergency services. See the sectors we serve.
  • Integration with a wide range of third-party systems*
  • focussed operations including remote/lone worker tracking and communications
  • targeted interventions
  • confident customers and end users
  • IoT-aligned for smarter buildings, cities, and facilities
  • NB-IoT-aligned for next-gen granular monitoring

A Bold and Innovative partnership

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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.