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GeminiSense Saas Cloud

Reliable, Affordable, Available – Whenever and Wherever Needed

Introducing GeminiSense Cloud, a new generation SaaS Cloud platform for alarm monitoring software that automates every process in managing security, CCTV, and fire and lone worker alarms. It provides operator workflows that make multiple, often repetitive and complex tasks intuitive, guided through response-directed workflows.

GeminiSense Cloud eliminates oversight and the possibility of human error. This is where trust comes from. Your vigilance and actions are why your clients depend on you; why they feel safe with you.

Are your systems at risk?

Your clients expect no compromise in the measures you take to earn and validate trust. They never expect you to let them down just because your IT systems may have let you down.
Yet, as long as you’re running on-premise and/or legacy systems, the risk of downtime always lurks in the background. If it comes, your service is jeopardised, your clients left feeling it may be worth their while looking elsewhere.

It’s time for GeminiSense Cloud

 The typical lifespan of an on-prem server is 5 years, while the cost of hardware is increasing. By migrating your Gemini system to our cloud hosted solution, you’ll face the future with confidence. As you grow, the system grows; cloudhosted, flexible, scalable, and predictable.

Know your system and end the uncertainty

You may not be entirely aware of the server versions or operating system on which your on-premise architecture is based. Equally, you may well have experienced no catastrophes or even worrying events. As major vendors withdraw support for on-premise servers as a matter of course you may be exposed. If a major problem occurs, you may have no support.

Our team can audit your system and advise where your exposure might lie, and what the consequences would be. With a cloud solution there simply is no such thing as ‘end of life’.


Moving to the cloud eliminates any further capital expenditure requirement (the inevitable impact of a 5-year lifespan). You simply pay-as-you-use. Bear in mind that with an on-premise solution, you pay even when you don’t use.

 The Gemini Cloud operational advantage

Alarm monitoring stations work 24/7/365 and need total confidence in systems uptime, the critical pillar of security monitoring. The GeminiSense Cloud service offers complete reliability with a high availability system. Our entire cloud environment is fully managed by our in-house Cloud and Infrastructure Team of specialist cloud engineers:

 Evolving – Upgrades can be regularly applied to your system with minimal downtime

 Easily managed – Reduced support incidents generated by local IT activities

 Supported – Direct access for GeminSense technicians to your system for 24/7/365 support

 Resilient – Added system resilience with Georeplicated systems and backups

 Accessible anywhere –Worldwide access to Gemini with remote client workstations

 Responsiveness – Resources can be accurately matched and scaled to the system

 Environmentally responsible – Reduced power consumption and global footprint

 Business continuity – Ability to recover quickly if faults occur

Other services available in the GeminSense Cloud solution include:

 AI, Analytics, Blob storage, Database migration, Integration with Active Directory (AD), Machine Learning, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Notification systems, Single Sign-On (SSO)

 Easy migration and adoption

When moving to our cloud systems we make it as easy as possible for you. We spend time meeting with your stakeholders and internal teams to evaluate your goals and define what kind of system will best enable you to achieve them. Once we know what is required, we’ll deliver your system in the agreed timeframe. If you are an existing GeminSense customer with us, 2-3 weeks after your go live date, we will begin decommissioning the on-premise system:

  1. We remove all Gemini data from the servers
  2. We shut down the servers
  3. We advise you on the best way to dispose of the servers if you don’t intend to repurpose them

Join the GeminiSense club!

GeminiSense Cloud is used by the leading UK monitoring control rooms, including the largest independent Scottish ARC, Connelly Security, and retail giant JD Group.

For more information on GeminiSense Cloud, contact the team today on info@gemini-sense.com

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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.