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Mastering the Digital Shift: A Comprehensive Guide for Alarm Receiving Centres Embracing Digital Transformation

The alarm monitoring industry – like many others – is experiencing a significant shift thanks to digital transformation. You may be tired of hearing the term, but it truly is more than just a buzzword. Digital transformation is not just about being up to date. It’s about solving problems faster, more effectively, and at a...
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Advanced CCTV Monitoring: Improving Efficiency in Alarm Receiving Centres

Security cameras have long been the cornerstone of surveillance and security services, but their role has evolved significantly. Companies are implementing more advanced forms of CCTV monitoring these days – systems with greater intelligence than ever that can improve response times and detect threats more effectively. Alarm Receiving Centres need to ensure their alarm monitoring...
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Best Practices for Alarm Monitoring Companies: Ensuring Excellence and Reliability

The alarm monitoring industry provides peace of mind to millions, but to ensure high-quality service, organisations must implement a range of best practices.  From embracing technological advancements to complying with quality standards, this article outlines some important considerations that every security company needs to consider.  Technological Excellence One of the pillars of a top-tier alarm...
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More Things Are Monitorable Than Ever with Event Transmission

Introducing the applications and benefits of using event transmission in conjunction with alarm monitoring and other monitoring scenarios. ...
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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.