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Gemini LiveView

From Chaos to Control: The Game Changing Impact of Alarm Monitoring Software for Operators

Many industries today rely heavily on incident monitoring systems to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. Whether it’s from CCTV monitoring, sensor data or lone worker solutions, control rooms receive a large volume of alarms signals from a range of security systems and sensors.  This increasing complexity and volume of data means that operators face challenges...
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New Feature Launch – Gemini LiveView for ARCs

NEW FEATURE ALERT – Introducing Gemini LiveView for Alarm Monitoring  London, UK – 1st March 2023 – GeminiSense, a leading provider of commercial alarm monitoring solutions, today announced the launch of Gemini LiveView, a powerful platform for creating and sharing interactive dashboards, visualisations, and reports.  This new platform is specifically designed to meet the needs...
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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.