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New Horizons: How Alarm Monitoring Companies Can Thrive by Embracing IoT Diversity

The alarm monitoring industry, traditionally anchored in security devices such as smoke detectors, intruder alarms, and lone worker alarms, is undergoing a vast transformation.  The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is reshaping the industry, introducing a plethora of devices that extend far beyond conventional alarm systems, enhancing public safety in new ways.  In this article,...
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Understanding Professional Alarm Monitoring: Insights for ARCs, Local Authorities, and Businesses

Security is paramount in today’s complex world full of threats, and professional alarm monitoring has become an essential component for safety and peace of mind. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the world of professional alarm monitoring, tailored for Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), local authorities, and businesses that rely on these systems...
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  Modern Alarm Monitoring Software in the Era of Smart Cities

Explore the role of alarm monitoring in the era of smart cities. Enhancing safety and efficiency through IoT integration....
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  Will AI take over Alarm Monitoring industry?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) is a growing trend. AI can analyse video footage and distinguish between true and false alarms, and carry out many other tasks with superior speed compared to a human operator – and whilst these systems are not 100% accurate yet, they are learning and improving all...
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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.