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How Modular Alarm Monitoring Software Unlocks New Business Potential for ARCs 

As an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), your organisation is key to ensuring public safety and security, providing critical services that protect lives and property. However, the industry is evolving at a fast pace and the demands of your clients are becoming more diverse. At GeminiSense, we understand the challenges and opportunities you face – and...
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Selecting Your Security Sentinel: A Guide to Choosing the Right Alarm Monitoring Software Partner

In an era where security threats are increasingly sophisticated and diverse, the role of alarm monitoring services has become crucial for organisations in many sectors. Beyond the fundamental aspects of CCTV monitoring, intrusion detection and fire alarms, modern security solutions now offer a comprehensive suite of features including environmental monitoring and analytics. The key to...
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Understanding Professional Alarm Monitoring: Insights for ARCs, Local Authorities, and Businesses

Security is paramount in today’s complex world full of threats, and professional alarm monitoring has become an essential component for safety and peace of mind. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the world of professional alarm monitoring, tailored for Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs), local authorities, and businesses that rely on these systems...
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Announcement: Introducing RX Gateway 6.402 & Gemini Version 3.22 Updates from GeminiSense

We are pleased to announce significant advancements in our alarm monitoring solutions with the release of RX Gateway version 6.402, an update aimed at optimising your interaction with GeminiSense. Features of RX Gateway 6.402 include: In addition to these innovations, we are also proud to unveil enhancements to Gemini version 3.22: We at GeminiSense remains steadfast...
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How GeminiSense Alarm Monitoring Software Improves Public Safety

For more than 30 years, GeminiSense has been serving organisations in numerous sectors – many of which are directly responsible for ensuring public safety. This includes universities, hospitals, police, fire and rescue, defence, airports, local authorities, and commercial and residential premises. Despite budget constraints, these types of institutions still need to deliver the same standard...
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How Technology is Improving the Alarm Response Process

Technology is having a positive impact on public safety thanks to advancements in incident monitoring software. Traditional alarm and CCTV monitoring processes left organisations vulnerable to threats. For example, human operators can only monitor a limited number of security cameras at any given time, and there’s the risk of errors leading to false alarms or...
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New Feature Launch – Gemini LiveView for ARCs

NEW FEATURE ALERT – Introducing Gemini LiveView for Alarm Monitoring  London, UK – 1st March 2023 – GeminiSense, a leading provider of commercial alarm monitoring solutions, today announced the launch of Gemini LiveView, a powerful platform for creating and sharing interactive dashboards, visualisations, and reports.  This new platform is specifically designed to meet the needs...
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Why effective training is essential to get the best from your Operations Team

Your team’s capacity to respond effectively to incidents is only as great as their ability on the platform on which it is received. Your Gemini platform contains a vast wealth of features designed to smooth out operations, save valuable time and assist in meeting industry standards. We know that knowledge can fade in time with...
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Technological innovations raise the bar for the Security Industry. Is your organisation equipped to meet those standards?

Transformative Alarm Monitoring Trends to Watch Out For in 2023 The world of alarm monitoring is rapidly evolving alongside general technological advancements. Keeping on top of new developments is essential for any Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) or other security organisation that wants to ensure the highest standards of safety. To help you prepare, this article...
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Supported Systems

This list shows those CCTV products where at least minimum functionality is supported. As manufacturers improve their products and GeminiSense is continuously enhanced, the integration functionality is subject to change.