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Why effective training is essential to get the best from your Operations Team

Your team’s capacity to respond effectively to incidents is only as great as their ability on the platform on which it is received. Your Gemini platform contains a vast wealth of features designed to smooth out operations, save valuable time and assist in meeting industry standards. We know that knowledge can fade in time with ongoing software development, changing industry standards, second hand training and staff turnover. All staff must be up to date to ensure those features are implemented and used operationally.

It’s no surprise to see that recent surveys show 40% of employees that receive poor training will leave their organisation within the first year. That’s not a cost any organisation needs, especially in the current economic climate. With full platform training, not only will your team be prepared to react quickly and accurately to any event, but you will also be boosting confidence in the system which they use daily, reducing a likelihood of staff turnover.

Benefits of an Effective Training Program

As well as the hard skills gained, there are many other benefits of training your alarm monitoring team, including:

  • Higher user engagement with the system
  • Fewer day-to-day operational problems
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • More effective onboarding
  • Faster overall operations, as staff will not need to waste time seeking assistance when they are unsure
  • Better communication between team members, creating a sense of unity and cooperation
  • Reduced performance anxiety
  • Increased morale and employee satisfaction, leading to reduced employee turnover (disengaged employees also have 37% higher rates of absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability).

Ultimately, all of these factors will improve efficiency, response times, and the team’s ability to handle difficult situations. It will also ensure consistent service level conformance to the sites you provide service to.

In addition, providing effective training will attract new talent as younger workers have greater expectations for development.

Identifying the Needs of Your Team 

It is essential that each team member undergoes the training appropriate to their role and we have you covered with 3 distinct courses –

Operator Training (Core Module)

1 day, max 3 persons

All staff associated with operations should complete this training course to ensure they understand its full capabilities. This includes supervisors and system administrators and managers. Our operator training (core module) covers everything that users need to know about GeminiSense from an operational perspective, from alarm handling process and practicees, to customer records and activity logs.

Operator Training (Video Module)

1 day, max 3 persons

Operators responding to video systems need to be adept at the features within this very popular Gemini module. This ensures they can proactively use system tools to manage incidents more effectively for rapid response, countering security threats increasingly aware of the remote monitoring security model. No matter how experienced, uncertainty could cost valuable seconds. This course instructs on handling video incidents, performing guard tours, quickly and effectively auditing video systems and logs, working with live and recorded feeds, exporting video data, and much more.

Administrator Training

2 days, max 2 persons

Anyone that manages operations must understand the systems capabilities beyond operational level. This course works with your management staff to ensure the highly flexible Gemini system is setup for optimal performance within your organisation. Meeting internal requirements and any external industry standards. We cover topics such as system behaviour, signal programming, response protocols, user permissions, reporting, and module features.

 Interactive Training – Getting your team involved

Due to the nature of the role, monitoring staff must be constantly diligent and their responses must be reflexive, almost like muscle memory. They need to think fast, act fast, and remain calm throughout. Interactive, scenario-based training makes it possible for the operator to become comfortable with the system during the course rather than after it allowing them to ask those valuable questions and accelerate the training process.

The Importance of Ongoing Training

As the security industry adapts to new technologies, it’s vital to make sure your team members are continually trained and up to date with industry standards. This is especially important for technicians that are responsible for maintenance. Staff who have been with your organisation for some time will also benefit from refreshing their memory. 

Establishing a culture of continuous learning ensures that all personnel are prepared for the impending changes driven by technological advancement. After all, there is already much more to monitor than CCTV footage; the Internet of Things makes it possible to detect changes in all manner of variables, from CO2 levels to traffic.

Continuous learning also provides the opportunity to evaluate how well employees are retaining material and applying it on the job, and to identify areas they need to revisit.  


An effective alarm monitoring team is vital for getting the best out of your security system. A well-trained team will be confident in their abilities and feel prepared to handle any situation. This will help to reduce anxiety and make each individual feel more capable, and comfortable in their position. In addition, training builds loyalty and commitment, and prevents stagnation.

Our courses are led by experienced Bold trainers that have practical experience of central station operations across multiple sectors and are adept at all aspects of alarm monitoring.

To make sure your alarm monitoring staff get the best from GeminiSense, contact us today to book a training course.

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