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Choosing the Right Alarm Monitoring Software for Your Organisation

When choosing an alarm monitoring system, it’s important to be aware of the different features you need depending on the type of organisation you operate.

One criterion that is important for any type of premises include real-time detection that alerts security personnel automatically, enabling a fast response to potential threats. Another vital factor is that the system is cloud based, as this brings a myriad of benefits including mobile access, data integrity, and easy integration with other systems.

This article will review the key considerations that commercial and corporate organisations should consider, as well as universities and other public organisations.

Alarm Monitoring Systems for Commercial and Corporate Premises

Commercial and corporate security systems typically provide surveillance through alarm systems and security cameras; other options include access control monitoring, fire safety measures, and smart technologies.   

As these organisations grow and evolve, their security protection needs may change and the software must be able to adapt. One factor to consider is scalability and, in turn, the degree of automation the system has to offer. Automation allows organisations to expand their monitoring capabilities without having to invest the same human resources as they would without automation, helping to keep costs down.

The efficiency of event processing is vital in both scenarios – that is, the process of detecting, analysing and transmitting events and taking other automatic actions, where applicable. One of the fundamental strengths of GeminiSense is its event transmission capabilities, allowing organisations to monitor more things than ever

Banks and other premises with a high risk of intrusion benefit from the placement of motion detection sensors inside the building in case anyone is able to gain access. As a result, such organisations should look for a solution that can support various types of data streams – not just CCTV footage.

Some additional considerations for corporate premises include detailed site data and reporting capabilities. The insights gained will further help in the detection of unusual activity exhibited by employees or visitors.

Alarms Monitoring Software for Universities

As universities grapple with the challenge of keeping their students and staff safe as well as protecting their high-value assets, the importance of effective alarm monitoring software has become increasingly evident. Recessions drive an increase in crime and the rise of on-campus incidents such as theft, vandalism, and even violent attacks make it more important than ever to have a robust security system in place. 

In the United States in particular, there have been many incidents of violence on college campuses in recent years, including homicides. These events have led many universities to re-evaluate their security systems and look for ways to improve them.

There are several key features to consider when choosing alarm monitoring systems for universities. First of all, the software should act as an inclusive transmission and receiving solution, and should be able to monitor various areas of the campus including student housing, academic buildings, and parking areas.

Mobile accessibility is another important feature, as security personnel need to be able to access the software from anywhere on campus, whether they are in their office or out on patrol. For that reason, cloud based software is a must.

The right alarm monitoring software will not only detect and respond to threats in real-time but also provide valuable insights into campus security trends and vulnerabilities.

Manned guarding and lone worker solutions may also be necessary for guards patrolling after hours on campuses in high-crime areas, or areas where other types of risks may occur.

Alarm Monitoring for Public Organisations

Local authorities, the NHS, police, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and other public organisations have a duty to protect the public and their assets from a wide range of potential threats, including intrusions, fires, flooding, and other emergencies, and send alerts to the appropriate personnel.

Due to limited budgets, these organisations need to ensure that any security platform provides maximum value at an affordable cost. It’s essential to consider the ongoing costs as well as the initial cost, as some providers may offer a low initial cost but charge high fees for maintenance and support. (Once again, a cloud based system bypasses this issue as there is no on-site maintenance required.)

Public organisations are subject to various regulations and compliance requirements; when evaluating the options, it’s crucial to ensure that the software complies with all relevant regulations and standards in your region.

Due to the responsibility on their shoulders to keep a large number of people safe at all times, public organisations also need to consider technical support as a priority.

Versatility in terms of what can be monitored, as well as scalability, are other important factors to keep in mind.


Alarm monitoring software needs to provide real-time detection and response capabilities as well as mobile accessibility, and this is made possible by using a system that is cloud based. Some top priorities for commercial and corporate premises include automation and event processing efficiency, as well as scalability and reporting functions.

Universities need systems that are flexible enough to monitor all areas that need it – academic buildings, student accommodation, and so on. They should also look for a solution with mobile accessibility and inclusive transmission and receiving. 

Finally, public organisations need to focus on value for money and technical support to ensure the public are protected at all times despite limited budgets. 

Our platform has been developed based on many years of cross-sector feedback, so we can ensure constant readiness, no matter the scenario. Contact us today to discover how we can help you stay prepared at all times. 

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