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GeminiSense Announces Strategic Partnership with Iris to Enhance Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

London, UK – GeminiSense, a collaboration between Bold Communications Ltd. and Innovative Business Software A/S that specialises in innovative alarm monitoring software solutions, is excited to announce a newly formed partnership with Iris-iot Solutions Ltd (Iris), a leader in secure IoT solutions. 

This collaboration marks a significant step towards advancing air quality monitoring and management for housing associations and local authorities. Under this partnership, GeminiSense will become an authorized reseller of Iris’s state-of-the-art NB-IoT Air Quality Sensor, a product that stands at the forefront of environmental technology.

The Iris NB-IoT Air Quality Sensor represents the latest in IoT technology, designed to measure a temperature, humidity, and CO2, key indicators when monitoring for mould presence in properties. This sensor is notable not only for its accuracy and reliability but also for its seamless integration with GeminiSense’s flagship Gemini alarm monitoring software. The integration ensures that the data captured by the sensors can be efficiently monitored and analysed, enabling timely decisions and actions to safeguard public health and the environment.

Marc Cooke, Managing Director of GeminiSense, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This strategic alliance with Iris propels us towards our goal of providing comprehensive and accessible environmental monitoring solutions. The combination of Iris’s cutting-edge air quality sensors and our robust Gemini software platform will empower our clients, particularly housing associations and local authorities, to make informed decisions that enhance the well-being of their communities. We are not just offering tools; we are providing a pathway to a healthier, more sustainable future.”

This partnership underscores GeminiSense’s commitment to leveraging the latest technological advancements to address critical environmental and health challenges. By offering solutions that are not only innovative but also accessible and easy to integrate, GeminiSense and Iris are setting new standards in the field of environmental monitoring and public health protection.

For more information about the NB-IoT Air Quality Sensor and how it integrates with GeminiSense’s solutions, please visit Iris’s product page and GeminiSense’s website.

About GeminiSense

GeminiSense is at the forefront of developing software solutions designed to revolutionize alarm monitoring and environmental sensing. With a focus on innovation and reliability, GeminiSense is dedicated to providing solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and quality of life.

About Iris-iot Solutions Ltd  

Iris-iot Solutions Ltd  is a leading provider of secure IoT solutions, specializing in the development of advanced sensors and devices that address critical environmental and safety challenges. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Iris is dedicated to delivering solutions that make a real difference in the world.

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