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GeminiSense partners with M2M Services to offer post-PSTN 5G-ready digital solutions for Alarm Monitoring Centres 

November 9, 2023

London, England – Today, leading alarm monitoring solution provider, GeminiSense, proudly announces its strategic partnership with M2M Services, in response to the forthcoming PSTN shut-off affecting countless alarm monitoring centres across the UK and Europe.

This cutting-edge collaboration aims to provide a seamless transition for GeminiSense customers by retrofitting M2M’s advanced 5G-ready, dual-SIM alarm communicators in place of outdated analogue phone lines, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring services in the digital age.

Key Features:


  • Dual-SIM Technology: Each device is equipped with two SIM cards, each working with multiple operators within each country, thus broadening the scope of connectivity and guaranteeing reliability.
  • Universal Compatibility: These 5G-ready communicators come with a dial capture interface that supports popular protocols such as ContactID, SIA, and Pulse 4+2, making them universally compatible with a myriad of alarm panels.
  • Reliable Reporting: With a pledge of dependability, the device guarantees full event reporting to any Alarm Receiving Centre, ensuring that no event goes unnoticed.
  • Interactive Features: Further enhancing utility, the Keybus integration feature is available for selected alarm panels, allowing for more interactive functionalities.
  • Cost-Effective: Beyond their advanced technical features, these communicators are also designed to be economical in their operation, aligning with the budgetary needs of GeminiSense customers.

“As the world transitions to digital solutions, our mission remains clear – to ensure that our customers have access to the most innovative and reliable solutions in the market,” says Marc Cooke , Managing Director at GeminiSense. “Our partnership with M2M Services is a testament to that commitment.”

Customers interested in benefiting from this partnership and upgrading their alarm monitoring systems are encouraged to reach out directly to their dedicated Gemini representative for further details and inquiries.

About GeminiSense: GeminiSense stands at the forefront of alarm monitoring solutions, dedicated to providing top-tier services to its global clientele. With a reputation for innovation and reliability, GeminiSense continues to push boundaries, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all its customers.

About M2M Services: M2M Services is on a mission to accelerate the mass adoption of smart security worldwide through universal and affordable IoT solutions. The company creates simple, innovative and dependable technology that helps alarm companies bring smart security to every household and business around the world. The company operates in more than 50 countries on 6 continents, serving over 10,000 businesses and impacting the daily lives of millions of end-users. For more information about M2M, visit https://m2mservices.com/.

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Supported Systems

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