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Announcement – RX Gateway 6.402 & Gemini version 4.0.0 released

Exciting News from GeminiSense

We’re pleased to announce the latest advancement in our commitment to revolutionising alarm monitoring solutions. Introducing RX Gateway version 6.402, a powerful update designed to enhance your experience with GeminiSense.

Key Features of RX Gateway 6.402:

  • ISM Concentrator Integration: Unlock new possibilities with our cutting-edge ISM Concentrator proxy feature. This innovative addition expands Gemini’s support for alarm protocols and interfaces, particularly benefiting our Nordic territory customers utilising Innovative Security Manager (ISM). Now, Gemini supports all Nordic/ISM alarm receiving protocols.
  • Enhanced ServiceManager Integration: Seamlessly manage your RX Gateway with our upgraded ServiceManager. Streamline your operations and gain more control over your alarm monitoring processes.

GeminiSense Evolution: Introducing Gemini Version 4.0.0

GeminiSense continues to evolve, and we’re proud to present Gemini version 4.0.0, packed with exciting enhancements:

  • Show Contact notes on contact call list form: Make your call lists even more informative.
  • Users can easily order licenses from EIS: Streamlining your licensing process.
  • GUI and UI changes to the software: Enjoy a fresh and user-friendly interface.
  • Notes on Alarm Management window: Document important details seamlessly.
  • Signal Programming – Alarm Notes: Users can now add important alarm notes.
  • Asset Tracking Details: Keep tabs on your valuable assets efficiently.
  • Change Main Ribbon icons: A fresh look for better user experience.
  • Emails Report Naming Convention: Efficiently categorise and retrieve your reports.
  • Gemini client icon update: Freshening up our client’s visual touchpoint.
  • Advanced Security Policies: Enjoy enhanced security measures for both Gemini and RX Gateway, ensuring utmost protection for your valuable data.
  • Video System Update (Dahua): Added support for the latest SDK expanding the compatibility with Dahua’s range of products and features.
  • Data Import Tool Enhancements: We’ve improved our data import tool, making ARC system migration and change projects even easier to perform.
  • Nedap AEOS Extra Icons: Experience improved visual representation with additional icons for Nedap AEOS integration.
  • Real-Time Map View (Alarm Queue): Stay on top of your alarms with our new real-time map view feature in the alarm queue.
  • Multi-Window Alarm Queues: Boost your productivity with the convenience of multi-window alarm queues.
  • Expanded Scheduling Options: Enjoy greater flexibility with more scheduling options, including late/early surveillance.

At GeminiSense, we’re dedicated to providing you with the most advanced and comprehensive alarm monitoring solutions. Visit our website at www.gemini-sense.com to explore these exciting updates and elevate your monitoring capabilities to new heights.

Stay tuned for more innovations as we continue to shape the future of alarm monitoring technology…

For inquiries and support, please reach out to our dedicated team.

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