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Crime Trends and How Alarm Monitoring Needs to Adapt

In the ever-changing world of crime, alarm monitoring systems play a critical role in ensuring public safety and private security. 

As criminals adapt their methods and we all continue to live increasingly digital-first lives, it is essential that the security industry is equipped with the tools to react to this shifting landscape. 

GeminiSense stands proudly at the forefront of development in event-driven incident management software, enabling clients to leverage advanced technologies as a part of our suite of solutions.  In this article, we’ll explore recent crime trends, and how GeminiSense provides security operations with the flexibility needed to counter emerging threats and stay ahead of the curve.  

The Calm Before the Storm 

During the coronavirus pandemic, and as the restrictions were eased in the months that followed, crime trend statistics in the UK painted a relatively positive picture. Numbers from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the year ending September 2022 showed a substantial 10% drop in overall crime rates, with an even greater 20% decrease in theft offences during the same period. 

Whilst it would be tempting to conclude that criminals in the UK had collectively decided to mend their ways, a closer look at the numbers, however, paints a different picture. Despite a fall in other sorts of crime, the ONS reported a 54% increase in fraud and computer misuse cases during the pandemic; with criminals similarly confined to their houses, they adapted, finding new vulnerabilities to exploit. 

Indeed, with post-pandemic life returning to normal, so too – as data from CrimeRate illustrates – are the rates of other sorts of crime. Compared with the previous year, 2022 saw increases in reported burglaries (7%), criminal damage and arson (3.3%), and shoplifting (24%). On top of this, there have been steep rises to well-above pre-pandemic levels in other areas. In fact, once you dig into the data in detail, these concerning rises are plainly evident. 

Emerging Crime Trends and Challenges


According to the ONS, England and Wales experienced a 10% increase in burglaries in 2021/22, with a total of 3.9 million reported cases. Urban areas were more susceptible to such crimes than rural areas, emphasising the need for advanced security measures in densely populated regions.

Car Theft

Car theft incidents surged by 24.9% in England and Wales in 2021/22, with 130,389 vehicles stolen. Like burglaries, car thefts were more prevalent in urban areas. 

Retail and Food Theft

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) reported a 26% rise in retail theft across England and Wales in 2022. Additionally, food theft saw a significant increase due to factors like inflation. These statistics underscore the need for retail and food businesses to enhance their security measures to mitigate losses.

Physical Security Threats to Data Centres

Incidents of physical security breaches at data centres rose during the pandemic and continued to increase into 2023. The 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report by IBM revealed that 10% of breaches were caused by physical security compromises. This trend calls for comprehensive security solutions that address both digital and physical threats.

GeminiSense’s Cloud-Based Alarm Monitoring System

One of our key differentiators is the fact that GeminiSense is a cloud-based alarm monitoring system, which sets it apart from traditional alarms monitoring software. A cloud-based approach offers several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced productivity: With downtime costs reaching astronomical figures for enterprises, GeminiSense’s cloud-based incident management software hosted by a third-party provider allows staff to focus on being productive and attentive, rather than being occupied with fixing faults.
  • Agility and real-time reporting: The cloud provides agility, ensuring that critical events are reported without delay. Real-time reporting enables prompt action to be taken, minimising response times and potential damages.
  • Integration with IoT and NB-IoT: GeminiSense’s cloud-based software allows seamless integration with IoT and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology, extending monitoring capabilities to anything with an IP address. This flexibility enables comprehensive incident detection, from suspicious activities to environmental factors like carbon monoxide levels and footfall.
  • Lower costs and easy integration: The cloud-based approach reduces costs associated with on-premise solutions, making it cost-effective for organisations to deploy homogenous systems across multiple locations. Additionally, the ease of integration with third-party systems allows companies to utilise existing hardware without significant overhauls

Integration of CCTV Monitoring with GeminiSense’s Alarm Monitoring Software

The integration of CCTV monitoring with GeminiSense’s alarm monitoring software significantly enhances security measures. The GeminiSense CCTV/Video module provides a single, integrated CCTV monitoring platform that filters out duplicate and false alarms, delivering only actionable events to operators. Additionally, CCTV guard tours and ad hoc connections to multiple sites and systems can be configured, increasing surveillance capabilities.

The advantage of integrating CCTV with GeminiSense lies in its ability to optimise resource utilisation. Companies can integrate their existing CCTV infrastructure with GeminiSense’s software, reducing costs while benefiting from advanced event-driven incident management. 

Simplified Incident Response with GeminiSense’s PSIM Solution

GeminiSense’s Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution simplifies incident response for security professionals in several ways.

IP-Based Signalling and Installation

GeminiSense’s GS-Net uses existing IP networks to transmit alarm data, streamlining signalling and installation processes. This approach eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional PSTN lines and enables remote access to devices, enhancing response times and accessibility.

Reduced False Alarms and Pointless Observations

GeminiSense’s advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring minimise false alarms, ensuring that security personnel focus only on actionable events, saving valuable time and resources.

Routine Testing and Remote Access

Web access allows mobile on-site alarm technicians to test and review logs. The system’s login access is controlled by complex passwords and/or two-factor authentication (2FA), ensuring secure access. Routine testing can be performed without operator intervention.

Task Scheduler and Remote Reset Module

The Task Scheduler module ensures that recurring or ad hoc activities are addressed, enhancing incident management efficiency. The Remote Reset Module allows for remote reset applications after an activation, facilitating a more seamless incident resolution process.

Addressing Lone Worker Protection Needs

GeminiSense’s services cater to the specific security need of lone worker protection through advanced lone worker monitoring systems. 

Lone worker solutions allow users to call for help in emergencies, using smartphone apps or dedicated devices when conventional phone usage is unsafe or impractical. 

The Lone Worker Module in GeminiSense provides fast and accurate location fixes, allowing operators to listen in to verify activations. Automatic call answering, recording, and logging facilitate a swift response to lone worker incidents, ensuring their safety and well-being.

GeminiSense’s Unique Value Proposition

When it comes to staying ahead of the recent evolution in crime trends, what sets GeminiSense further apart from other companies in the security industry offering similar services are its unmatched features:

  • Global ecosystem: As part of the Valsoft Corporation, GeminiSense has access to a global ecosystem of developers and industry subject-matter experts from over 50 specialist companies within the group. This expansive network facilitates continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Attentive and responsive team: GeminiSense’s team is attentive, responsive, and committed to addressing unique security concerns. They possess in-depth industry knowledge and take ownership of challenges, ensuring clients receive tailored solutions.
  • Widely used software: GeminiSense’s software is the most widely used alarm and CCTV monitoring software in the UK, attesting to its reliability and effectiveness.


It’s clear that in the face of evolving and sometimes unpredictable post-pandemic crime trends and security challenges, companies must continuously innovate and adapt their security solutions. 

GeminiSense stands at the forefront of event-driven, time-critical incident management software, addressing the most pressing security concerns faced by organisations today. Through its cloud-based approach, seamless CCTV integration, simplified incident response with PSIM, and tailored solutions for lone worker protection, GeminiSense empowers security professionals to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring the safety and security of communities and businesses alike.

To book a demo or request more information, contact us today. 

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