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Increased Risk of Fire and Burglary in the Summer – What This Means for Alarm Monitoring 

Did you know that the summertime is when properties are most likely to get burgled? Apart from another peak at around Christmas, when guards are down and high-value items are left on display, burglaries are highest during the summer months. 

In 2022, a government survey found that 28% of all business premises had been a victim of crime, with 24% of those being burglary or theft. Don’t let your business become a statistic – try these tips on keeping your property and possessions safe from would-be burglars.


Windows Left Open

We all want to throw the windows open during the summer and let in some fresh air during the hotter season. Some people even leave doors open to beat the summer heat, especially side doors and back doors where there are fewer people passing by. But open windows and doors can present a security risk. 

According to the Office for National Statistics, 70% of burglars entered a dwelling through an unlocked door, and 30% entered through a window. An open window presents an enticing opportunity for potential burglars, especially when a window is large enough to climb through. Even if the window is small, someone could easily fit a hand or arm through and reach small valuables like phones or laptops, or even grab keys or door handles, thus granting them access to the building. 


Evaluate all points of entry to your premises, and consider removing any landscaping features like tall bushes or trees that could provide cover for a break-in. Make sure that any points of entry are easily visible from the street or other public places, if possible – many burglars choose concealed entrances to break in without being spotted by passersby.  

Keep any blinds closed so that would-be burglars can’t see what you have through the windows. Open small windows for ventilation, use limiters to stop larger windows from being opened fully and don’t leave anything within arm’s reach of an open window, especially keys. 

GeminiSense offers alarm monitoring software that integrates with your CCTV monitoring equipment, helping to keep your property safe. Well-placed security cameras with signs indicating its presence is also an effective deterrent to thieves.

Grass is Drier

It’s not just an increased chance of burglary that summer brings – swathes of dry grass near your premises can easily be a fire risk, especially during hot and dry days. 

Anything from a discarded cigarette, an improperly extinguished barbecue, or some nearby broken glass could start a fire, which can easily spread to nearby buildings, risking both property and even human life. 

According to the Red Cross, the recent heatwaves that are becoming more common could also increase the risk of grass fires.


Keep all outdoor areas tidy and free of debris. If you have a smoking area on business premises for employees or visitors, site it far away from the building itself, any grassy areas, or anything that could pose a fire risk. 

Make sure that all cigarettes are extinguished completely, and not discarded on the ground. Consider installing bins specifically for discarded cigarette ends, so that rubbish bins don’t get used and potentially set on fire. 

It might be surprising, but most fires at shops and retail premises are caused by arson, and 80% of businesses are seriously affected after a major fire. GeminiSense offers solutions alarm monitoring for detecting fires, helping to reduce the risk and manage smaller fires before they can spread so that you can have peace of mind that your property is safe. 

Our IoT technology featuring smart sensors can even alert you to a potential fire before it has had the chance to do damage to your property and belongings, or put anyone’s safety at risk.

People Go Out More

Summertime is for family trips, trade shows, bank holiday weekends, and all-day events – all activities which mean your business premises may be left empty. 

Unguarded shops and warehouses are attractive targets for burglars, especially if valuable stock or equipment is visible from the outside. The 2022 Commercial Victimisation Survey found that only 73% of UK businesses had a working alarm system, 66% had window locks or security doors, and just 33% had shutters on doors or windows.


Make sure that the premises are fully secure before leaving. Doors and windows should be locked, blinds closed, and anything valuable should not be left outside. 

GeminiSense offers security systems that use IoT technology, allowing for notifications from anything that you can attach a sensor to, which is beneficial for handling physical security threats.

Smart technology and AI also help to keep your property secure, as it can easily be determined if a threat is present without the need for human intervention.


Of course, summer is when most people book a holiday, whether abroad or right here in the UK. This means that business premises could go unoccupied, leaving them vulnerable to burglary. 

If a business owner is away, then this could be prime time for thieves to steal stock, equipment, or cash. 

Some people may even post on social media about their holiday plans, basically alerting would-be burglars to the fact that their property will be empty. Even well-meaning neighbours or friends may mention it to others, not realising they are advertising a possible opportunity to thieves. 


Conduct regular stock and equipment checks, and put security procedures in place for employees during a holiday period. Don’t leave any money in cash registers during a holiday – even a safe could be broken into or even stolen, so don’t take the risk – put it in the bank. 

Keep your holiday plans on a need-to-know basis, don’t post on social media about your trip until you get back, and ensure your property is locked up securely before you go. 

GeminiSense brings you extra peace of mind – as the software is cloud based, personnel needn’t be physically present on the premises in order to review alerts. 

Being able to check on your premises remotely can put your mind at ease, and automated alerts can send a signal to a central station so they may initiate an appropriate response. 


While the statistics for summertime crime are alarming, you can minimise your risk of being burgled by taking the above precautions to protect your property. 

GeminiSense also offers a range of security solutions that can help protect your business premises from damage, break-ins, theft, or even fires and flooding. Don’t leave it to chance – get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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