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Why having the right support package is crucial

Using a cloud based incident management system ensures you capture every critical event swiftly. However, to make your security and alarm monitoring operations even more robust, it’s important to invest in the right support package. 

That’s why we want to let you know about the GeminiSense Premium Software Support Service. This services comes with many benefits, including out of hours support from our highly trained and certified professionals. 

Success is not just about having the right systems. We believe in providing a firm, people-focused foundation in order to achieve the best outcomes. That’s why our service is fully staffed by highly trained and certified professionals who are available 24/7.

So, read on to learn more about how our Premium Support package can provide you with an extra level of preparedness.  

Premium Support Services

Quarterly Full System Health Check 

To ensure maximum uptime, we offer full system health checks on a quarterly basis so you can rest assured that the software is working at its peak at all times.   

Bi-Annual Remote Preventative Maintenance 

In addition, we offer remote preventative maintenance twice a year. Any issues can then be detected and addressed before they cause disruptions. Remote maintenance allows for faster response times as technicians can access the system from anywhere, without the need for on-site visits. 

3rd Party Fault Diagnosis

If complex issues arise, we provide 3rd party fault diagnosis using specialised methods to review the performance and behaviour of your system. Issues can then be quickly and accurately diagnosed and fixed, reducing downtime and improving overall performance and reliability. This service is also available out of hours. 

Remote Software Updates 

Our solutions are continually improving and with the Premium Support package, you will get regular, remote software updates as standard. This is the hassle-free way to have access to the latest features and bug fixes as soon as possible. 

Out of Hours Support 

When you choose GeminiSense to provide your cloud-based monitoring and incident management system, you can rest assured that there’s a team of experts on hand, day and night. 

Many of hour customers operate around the clock, such as the emergency services. Since our primary goal is to make sure that your system is functioning to its fullest potential at all times, we provide support that matches your operational hours.    

To be precise, Premium Support subscribers receive our of hours error support and 3rd party fault diagnosis, as mentioned. With 24/7 technical assistance, any issues can be resolved quickly, minimising any potential downtime and disruption to your operations. 

Our out-of-hours support provides peace of mind and helps ensure the smooth running of your organisation, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we take care of your technical needs around the clock.

Access an Expansive Knowledge Base

Our team of experts are always ready to give advice and help solve your problems and that’s why we provide a knowledge base. Our technical personnel and other users are available to answer your questions through this platform. [KM1] 

Having access to a knowledge base is incredibly beneficial as it provides a centralised resource for learning how to get the most out of your alarm monitoring system. It contains a comprehensive repository of information including user manuals, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to discover new features and capabilities you may not have been aware of before. 

Expert-Backed Training on Our Systems 

Help your staff get the most from your system with our expert-backed training services. This also leads to increased user engagement and fewer day-to-day operational issues. 

Through these programmes, our control room trainers pass on their expertise regarding central station operations and everything else your staff need to know about security monitoring software

Structured to the National Occupational Standards for Remote Monitoring Operations, these courses are run in accordance with the ISO9001 Quality Management System. We also make sure that our training support is externally accredited by Skills for Security, the security industry training lead body.  

The three courses below will ensure that all relevant personnel are able to use the system to its full potential. 

Operator Training (Core Module)

This course is designed for individuals who need to understand the system from an operational standpoint, including operators, control room supervisors, system administrators, and managers. 

The module provides practical training on how to handle alarms and manage incidents using GeminiSense’s core processes, with a particular emphasis on the relevant knowledge and skills outlined in the NOS for remote monitoring. 

The training incorporates hands-on exercises and interactive discussions to ensure that participants gain practical experience and a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Operator Training (CCTV) 

This course is designed to cover the fundamental aspects of CCTV monitoring driven by alarms. It is aimed at control room supervisors, system administrators, and managers who require an operational understanding of the system. 

Building on the practical skills learned in the core module, this course focuses on responding to and managing CCTV incidents, as well as carrying out related tasks like CCTV guard tours. It also provides a refresher on essential regulations that impact the role of the CCTV operator.

Administrator Training 

This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for managing the GeminiSense system operations and database, regardless of their technical background. This includes system administrators, control room supervisors, and managers who oversee the operational administration of the system. 

While attendance on relevant operator modules is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to this course, an operator overview is provided at the beginning. The course focuses on non-technical aspects of managing the system, such as diligent operational administration, which is essential for optimal system performance and consistent service level conformance.

Click to discover more about our training services.


To sum up, the GeminiSense Premium Software Support Service gives you exclusive access to proactive maintenance provided by our highly trained and certified personnel. That includes quarterly full system checks and bi-annual preventative maintenance. 

In addition, you get the fastest remote updates, out of hours error support and 3rd party fault diagnostics, and access to the knowledge base and expert-led training courses. 

The Premium Support package is available for an annual subscription. To discuss more about how our support services can give you the edge in preparedness, contact us today. 

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